Bush promises 7000 troops for hurricane hit states’ states”

Bush promises 7000 troops for hurricane hit states’ states”

“Hillary is so out of touch, no one else on the left is even remotely talking about her problems and that’s why it’s so disappointing we have to talk about it.”

“Hillary’s got all this money, and she’s never even tried to save the country. Peo더킹카지노ple have lost everything. People are begging for food and water and gas and medicine. There’s so much suffering. I’m sick and tired of her!”

“It just doesn’t seem possible that Hillary Clinton has such a large war chest. That she’s spending over a billion dollars and that she’s been getting a free pass on paying for it. She’s not even paying her workers what they’re owed. It just seems like we’re a democracy if you’re not paying your바카라 workers what they’re owed.”

“As someone that’s not quite ready to buy in, and a veteran with two children, it just seems like America has given us a choice between a horrible guy like Hillary Clinton and a horrible guy like Donald Trump. It seems very clear now, because the polls are getting down to a nail biter.”

Trump tells a crowd at the Detroit City Center that “people are tired of politicians and lobbyists telling us what to do.”

Trump says that “we need an independent, American police force. We need peace. That’s the worst kind of police work.”

“I want peace. People want peace더킹카지노. I want people to get out of war zones. It’s a big, big problem,” Trump added.

Trump also says “We’ve had three or four major disasters in the last eight years, and they’ve been horrible for our country.”

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