Call for tasers after prison guard stabbed two inmates

Call for tasers after prison guard stabbed two inmates

Cinnatyasastra.comcinnati police are investigating after a cellmate of an inmate stabbed two of her roommates Monday night.

According to CPD, security guard Kimberly Johnson said in a 911 call her boyfriend accidentally dropped the weapon and she tried to stop him.

“She went to get a gun and I t바카라사이트hink he tried to strike her, hit her in the side of her skull, and she had to come out to get a gun and she shot him in the head,” a source told NBC 5.

The two male victims were treated by paramedics and transported to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, police said.

The security guard is in critical condition.

The stabbing happened about 9:40 p.m. Monday at the apartment unit on W. 5th Street and Washington Boulevard, police said.

The men were stabbed when the security guard realized they were in their unit and tried to arrest them.

The security guard has a conceale바카라사이트d-carry permit.

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